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Whether it’s due to a important project that could need an extra pair of expert hands, a reorganization or replacement during illness or pregnancy: Our interim professionals are there for you immediately. They love the responsibility and word at a higher vocational education and univerdity+ level. And thanks to our Knowledge and Experience, we ensure the perfect match between client and professional.


We are passionate specialists in Executive Search for permanent and interim positions. With years of experience in Recruitment and a prove track record our service within multinationals, listed companies, family businesses, private equity houses, startups and scale-ups and the financial services industry, we are able to respond quickly to your business needs. Speed, transparency and quality is what we stand for. In addition to the desired substantive skills, we select on the cultural fit between executive and organization.


Everyone wants to get the right person at the right time in the right place! But considering the current labor market it is a huge challenge to find suitable, higher educated professionals who also fit well as a person within your organization. Our track record proves that this challenge is made for us.

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Whether an Multinational, Consultancy firm, Non-Profit, Startup or Scale-up or any other type of organization, every clients’ needs are unique. We understand this and have built our services around these needs. After meeting with our client we identify the goals of their hiring needs, and what’s needed to reach those goals. After thorough research we decide on the way-to-go and start working on executing our service as soon as possible!


We have in-depth knowledge of the recruitment world and have established long-lasting and strong relationships with a broad network of Multinationals, Consultancy firms, Non-Profit Organizations, Startups and Scale-ups and large institutional investors like Pension Funds and Insurers. A large advantage for (international) clients that we work with, is that they reach a local presence without having to invest in an expensive recruitment department.

Our clients appreciate our independence. It makes us critical and enables us to find the talent they need we consider as best-in-class, always considering our clients’ specific requirements. We offer professional, high quality and transparent services with the highest personal commitment.

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